Direct Support
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Direct Support

  There are different ways available to support you on your Plustek Scanners, Microtek Scanners, Champtek Barcode Scanners, XYZprinting 3D printers.


Telephone Call

You can call our support line and share your problem with us. Our support team will do their best to guide you and resolve your problem on the phone or by using the online soluions. If in case troubleshooting could not be done this way or needs to be done in our office, we will ask you to bring or send your product to us. In special cases and if required we will dispatch our technicians to you after proper coordinations

 Tel.: 021 - 22 59 61 67  Ext.: 108 - working hours: Sat. to Wed. from 09:00 - 17:00


Via e-mail

You can share your issues with our support team by email.


For doing this please include the following items in your email so we can support you better and faster.
Your name, Product brand and model, serial number, product issue in brief and your telephone number.
Our support email address: Support [@]
We will reply or contact you ASAP to resolve your problem.


 Support & troubleshooting by remote connection (AnyDesk) 

In circumstances which your problem can not be resolved by phone calls or email and needs closer investigations, we may offer you to download and install AnyDesk. This software is a free software with reasonable size and would allow us to connect to your computer and observe the issue remotely.

This software will provide an ID to you after installation, by providing that ID we would be able to connect to your computer and resolve the peroblem remotely. It is good to know that during connection to your computer you can observe every step we do from your monitor. Concept of designing this software is also for remote support. Many problems could be solved by using this software even from a different country remotely and that is very useful and convenient.


Beside all explanations regarding the security and reliability of AnyDesk, responsibility and acceptance of using it is up to customers.

In case of suggestion by our support team and confirmation from your side you can download the latest AnyDesk software. After instalation AnyDesk Instalation file, an ID is
showing to you, please provide that ID to our support team by phone on the proper time so they can connect to your computer and start troubleshooting.